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Church Aisles
Critics have recognized our performers for their "extraordinary expression," "grace, taste, and unfailing sensitivity."

Music City Review (2024)

"Despite the built-in difficulty of finding a suitable musical equivalent to something like household pottery for all the reasons outlined above and more, Music City Baroque President Mareike Sattler and Artistic Director Maria Romero Ramos nevertheless managed to provide an interesting if all-too brief glimpse into the musical life of the time. For example, the program’s opening piece was a Marian hymn in the Quechuan language by the Franciscan parish priest living in Lima, Peru, Juan Pérez Bocanegra, which, according to the program notes, represents “the first printed piece of polyphony in the Americas.”


The Tennessean (2014)

"Music City Baroque kicks off its 10th anniversary season Sunday with “The Virtuosi of Dresden,” a concert at St. George’s Episcopal Church celebrating 18th-century Dresden, a time and place when art, architecture and music were used to increase the power of the royal court."


Nashville Scene: Arts and Culture (2010)

"Music City Baroque's full roster of professional-level local musicians, all versed in historically informed performance practice, is a good sign of Nashville's increasingly diverse musical community."

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